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Five Great Reasons To Use An Independent Insurance Broker

If you’re looking for insurance you will have to choose between using an insurance company or a specialist insurance broker. It’s often easier to find cheaper insurance by using an insurance broker and by doing so you can be confident that your agent will be working for you instead of for a parent company.

Here are five of the best reasons to use an independent insurance broker:

• An insurance broker works on your behalf, whereas if you were to purchase insurance through an insurance company or via an agent you will find yourself having to commit to policies which may not be in your best interests. Insurance companies are able to write their own policies and decide who they will and will not insure.

Insurance companies and their agents tend to be less experienced and professional than brokers, who are committed to working on the behalf of clients who often have a diverse range of insurance needs.

• Insurance companies will often try to sell you generic insurance premiums if your needs are too specific for them to match. And insurance broker will work closely with you to determine your exact insurance needs, so that the policy you buy will be the perfect fit, first time.

• Brokers are required to furnish you with complete details about all their commission rates and what effects they will have on your premiums. Insurance companies and their agents need make no such disclosure, which means you’ll ultimately be left wondering just how much of your money is actually going to pay your insurance.

• When it comes to offering insurance, UK brokers – like Towergate Insurance – are bound by strict FSA regulations which determine what kind of insurance they can sell and at what prices. So when you choose a UK insurance broker, you know that buying your new insurance will be safe, reliable and legal.

How to Find a Good Insurance Broke

There are plenty of ways to find a good insurance broker, but finding the right insurance broker for you will be entirely dependent on your circumstances and specialist insurance needs. Some people choose to act upon recommendations from their friends and family when looking for an insurance broker, especially if they have experience in this area. Others use social media networking to find testimonials or go straight to an insurance broker’s website to read more about a particular company.

All of these methods are fine but at the end of the day you’ll find that it’s always best to have a direct conversation or meeting with any prospective insurance broker before making your decision. Choosing an insurance broker is much like conducting any other type of business transaction, and by getting to know a broker before you choose to use them you will stand a much better chance of assessing the future potential of your working relationship.

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